Power Ledger is the world leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy.


Power Ledger Applications

P2P Trading

This class of Platform Application gives retailers the ability to empower consumers (or in an unregulated environment, the consumers themselves) to simply trade electricity with one another and receive payment in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system. There are many other immediate benefits such as being able to select a clean energy source, trade with neighbors, receive more money for excess power, benefit from transparency of all your trades on a blockchain and very low-cost settlement costs all leading to lower power bills and improved returns for investments in distributed renewables.


This class of Platform Application provides Neo-retailers’ with smart demand and supply management, along with almost instantaneous remuneration and payment settlements while managing consumer exposure to the risk of non-supply.


This type of Platform Application enables electricity metering, big data acquisition, rapid micro transactions and grid management at an unprecedented granular scale. Trading in embedded networks breaks the nexus between generation ownership and energy consumption meaning value can be derived from an investment in DER even if the investor is absent or doesn’t consume all the energy they generate.


This Platform Application class offers rapid low-cost and transparent dispatch optimization and management, data aggregation, reconciliation and settlement for wholesale energy marketplaces.


This current Platform Application allows for (1) shared ownership of renewable energy assets and (2) trading renewable asset ownership. The AA is able to buy and sell its own electricity and distribute its income to assigned wallet addresses.


This Platform Application provides optimized metering data, the collection of big data, right to access and dispatch of assets, rapid transaction settlement, network load balancing, frequency management, demand side response and demand side and load management. The optimization of network assets is made viable by the near real-time remuneration of asset owners.


This class of Platform Application facilitates real time metering data (interfacing with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)), collection of data, user identification and rapid transaction settlement.


A class of Platform Application whereby virtual pipeline and roadside assistance type assets may be automated via the platform, such as EVs, and can provide a mobile storage discharge facility maintaining energy supplies to predominantly self-sufficient energy consumers.


This Platform Application class offers smart contracts for carbon traders to assure digital transactions across organizations; credibility of asset using immutable distributed ledger technology; and transparency and auditability. It supports reporting and surrendering of carbon credits or certificates to regulatory authorities.


In the management of transmission networks, the Platform can provide real time metering data, collection of big data, right to access and dispatch assets, rapid transaction settlement, network load balancing, responding to non-stationary energy.

Power Ledger Layers

Power Ledger Applications
Virtual Asset Operators
Distributed Market Management
Electrical Vehicles
Carbon Trading
Micro-Grid Manager
Transmission Exchange
Ecochain Services
SPARKZ Management
Meter Readings
Power Trading
POWR Incentivizer
Assets Management
Power Ledger Core
TGE POWR Management
POWR Assets Germination
POWR Incentivizer
POWR Growth Pool
Ethereum Blockchain





The Token Generation Event will ultimately allow the substantially accelerated platform development and incentivization of early users onto the Platform.




The first Applications to be in beta testing after the Token Sale will be the Microgrid / Embedded Network Operator/Strata and the Electric Vehicle Trading Applications.


The green energy incentive formula weighted towards renewable energy producers will begin and accelerate renewable energy generation.




Early Application Hosts will be gifted POWR tokens to incentivize their use of and contribution to the Platform.


Power Ledger will complete the transition to a modified fee-less Consortium Ethereum network.




Power Ledger and Platform Application Hosts will begin conducting Asset Germination Events, where POWR token holders will receive priority to become coowners and beneficiaries of renewable assets.


As new Applications are developed potential Application Hosts will be targeted and/or Power Ledger may directly deploy the Application.




Begin beta test of Autonomous Asset Management and Neo-Retailer and Carbon Trading Applications.




Asset Germination Events will be frequently conducted by Power Ledger and its Application Hosts, driving the intrinsic value of the token.


Power Ledger aims to be operating fully on a public PoS blockchain.




Begin beta testing of the PowerPort Application, as well as Wholesale Market Settlement, Distributed Market Management, and other future Applications that cannot even be imagined yet!

Meet the team

Bill Tai Board Advisor
Bill Taiclose Board Advisor

World renowned venture capitalist, Bill originally trained as a chip designer and joined LSI Logic, a seminal Silicon Valley startup formed by the CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor after earning a BSEE with Honors from University of Illinois. After completing a MBA at Harvard, he was issued badge #A001 at TSMC, now among the most valuable tech companies in the world. He has been a venture capitalist since 1991 and today is the Chairman of Treasure Data, a Board Member of Bitfury and Voxer. Bill was Founding Chairman and CEO of iAsiaWorks (IPO via Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley) and Founding Chairman of IPinfusion. He has served as Board Director of 7 publicly listed companies that grew from startups he funded at their formative stages. He serves on the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Committee and is an Adjunct Professor of Innovation at Curtin University.

Sebastian Quinn-Watson Ambassador
Sebastian Quinn-Watsonclose Ambassador

Sebastian is a Singapore and New York based partner at Blockchain Global responsible for ICO advisory. He and his team have been behind some of the earliest and largest blockchain ICOs in the market. To date Sebastian’s team at Blockchain Global has invested over $60million and supported teams that have gone on to raise over $310m in ICO token sales this year. Early partners and clients including: TenX, Powerledger, Status.IM, Viberate, Bankera, Simple Token, Playkey.io, Airswap.io, Bluzelle and others. Prior to this Sebastian was an international corporate lawyer at leading global firm as well as a founder of successful fintech company in Beijing. Sebastian will be bringing his large global network to support Power Ledger’s mission.

Dr. Jemma Green Co-founder and Chair
Dr. Jemma Greenclose Co-founder and Chair

Jemma, as the Chair, provides the strategic external relations, risk management and leadership development for Power Ledger. Jemma has more than 15 years’ experience in finance and risk advisory having worked for 11 years in investment banking in London. Whilst there, she completed a Masters degree and two postgraduate diplomas from Cambridge University. Jemma is a research fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, whose doctoral research into “Citizen Utilities” has produced unique insights into the challenges and opportunities for the deployment of roof-top solar PV and battery storage within multi-unit developments and the application of the blockchain. Jemma is experienced in the challenges of sustainable cities through her role as an independent Councillor of the City of Perth. She is also the Chair of Climate-KIC Australia, a founder of the Global Blockchain Business Council and a contributor to Forbes on blockchain disruption.

David Martin Co-founder and Managing Director
David Martinclose Co-founder and Managing Director

David manages the daily operations and commercialization of Power Ledger’s technology, working to build the market acceptance of P2P trading and to gain the regulatory reforms required for democratization. David has nearly 20 years’ experience in the electricity industry and has held executive positions in two State-owned electricity utilities. David has spent the past 6 years as a senior consultant to industry participants specializing in regulation of distribution networks, DNSP consumer engagement, renewable/new technology feasibility studies and business development. David has significant experience in the challenges and opportunities facing regulated DNSPs as they transition to a new energy-demand paradigm that sees customer behaviour leading technology and service demand changes that can present “make or break” opportunities for DNSPs. David is passionate about the development of a low-carbon electricity system focused on the needs of all consumers.

John Bulich Co-founder and Technical Director
John Bulichclose Co-founder and Technical Director

John provides the strategic direction for conceptual, system and application design and development for Power Ledger. John leads the technical team in the development of the Power Ledger Platform. John is a Director and Co-founder of Ledger Assets, a Perth-based blockchain developer specializing in the creation and commercialization of technical and commercial blockchain systems. Ledger Assets has successfully developed and deployed world-first blockchain-based products proving the provenance of artefacts including evidence-grade photography, video, document management and medical records management.

Dr. Govert Van Ek Co-founder and Director
Dr. Govert Van Ekclose Co-founder

In 2015, Gov Co-founded Ledger Assets, a leading Australian blockchain company. He has a PhD from University of Manchester in Total Technology and before Ledger Assets, he was Managing Director of a number of private and listed companies. He is an investor and business founder and launched his first software company in 1991. Gov is experienced in concept development, systems architecture and design, commercial matters and has expertise in human/computing interface design and A.I.

Jenni Conroy Co-founder and Director
Jenni Conroyclose Co-founder and Director

Jenni manages regulatory and business services, which includes development of products for Power Ledger’s Platform. Jenni has more than 30 years’ experience in the Western Australian energy industry, holds Masters Degrees in both Business and Commercial Law, and is the owner of Future Effect, an energy sector consulting firm. Jenni has provided strategic, commercial and regulatory advice to boards and senior management of Energy Market Participants and to governments in developing energy policy and regulation. She has built an enviable reputation in the West Australian electricity sector for economic and technical regulation, industry development and electricity entity valuation.

Marc van Hoof Chief Operating Officer
Marc van Hoofclose Chief Operating Officer

Marc started in the internet industry straight from high school where his part-time job saw him developing virtual hosting systems for a local ISP, he also worked with Silicon Graphics and Ascend Communications to help build a cutting edge internet provider network. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Marc started the first Internet Data Center in Australia, built content networks across Asia and pioneered some of the most prominent webcasts in the country. In 2001, Marc met Bill Tai and joined his data center design team at iAsiaWorks, building Data Center facilities and a pan-Asia transit network throughout Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. He has also worked at Cisco as a Product Manager and an advisor to several startup companies.

Marc Griffiths Chief Technology Officer
Marc Griffithsclose Chief Technology Officer

An engineer with over 10 years experience, ex-Goldman Sachs developer, Marc possesses immense systems engineering experience with exposure to diverse computing protocols, high-performance systems (with cloud technology stacks, security systems), distributed technologies and high availability technologies. Having worked on a couple of PoC projects which use blockchain and smart contract technologies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, Eris and Hyperledger, Marc has used this collective experience to strategically design and build Power Ledger solutions that leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks.

Nuno Martins Blockchain Expert
Nuno Martinsclose Blockchain Expert

Nuno is a full stack Blockchain engineer and security specialist, Electronics Engineer with experience in computing, A.I. and robotics. He’s specialised in cryptocurrency applications since 2012, and brings a wealth of experience to Power Ledger. He is highly experienced in the security aspects of system security and design. He led the development architecture and technology design of application modules including solution apps and platforms together with hands-on development of several modules of the Power Ledger platform.

Vinod Tiwari General Manager Business Development and Sales
Vinod Tiwariclose General Manager Business Development and Sales

Vinod is leveraging his network from many years working within the Australian energy sector, previously as the COO of Regen Power, General Manager Sales at Perth Energy and Senior Advisor Future Effect, to connect with client stakeholders across power and business domains, as well as across various third party providers to support the delivery of Power Ledger’s blockchain offering; building new propositions and enhance existing customer experiences. His past roles also include managing technical sales and business development teams for General Electric in India. Vinod holds an MBA from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Meagan Cojocar Analyst
Meagan Cojocarclose Analyst

Meagan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, Canada. She has previously worked at TransCanada Pipelines and Microsoft. At Power Ledger, Meagan works on both external and internal projects, she has held key roles within the Smart Cities and Suburbs $8M project and the development of the Power Ledger white paper. Currently, Meagan is contributing to new application development and liaising with the tech team.

Dr. Simon Kwok Senior Software Engineer
Dr. Simon Kwokclose Senior Software Engineer

Simon is an experienced software engineer who has worked on many research and development projects for the past 15 years. Before joining Power Ledger, he spent almost 13 years at Dynamic Digital Depth, where he led a team of software engineers developing cutting edge technologies. Simon holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Image Processing and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information technology from The University of Western Australia. He also has a strong interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Daniel Sturton Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Sturton BSc (Hons)close Senior Software Engineer

Daniel is a senior software engineer with 15+ years experience of web development and application development projects across the UK and Australia. Previous to joining Power Ledger, Daniel held senior PHP developer positions at Perth State Library, VHG and Titan Digital in Perth, as well as Dow Jones Financial in London. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Yung Yum Ang Senior Software Engineer
Yung Yum Angclose Senior Software Engineer

Yung has over 20 years experience in software development, starting in the semiconductor industry before moving to web and application development in the telecommunication industry. Prior to joining Power Ledger, he spent 7 years at iiNet as a Senior Developer working on their provisioning, service inventory and CRM systems. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Jong-won Choi Principal Software Architect
Jong-won Choiclose Principal Software Architect

With more than 20 years of commercial experience in the software industry, Jong-won has worked at LG Semicon, SKC&C, Motorola, Memetrics, Accenture, GoCatch, and a couple of startups. He is a Lisp programmer with Common Lisp and Clojure experience. His current interests are functional programming, SW development process, automation, microservices, SW architecture, machine learning, and CI/CD.

James Eggleston Analyst
James Egglestonclose Analyst

Combining qualifications in Behavioural Science and Mechanical Engineering, James has worked extensively within the private, government and university sectors. His current doctoral research at CUSP Institute examines technological transitions within the electricity market, and he brings this experience to Power Ledger in his analyst role. His principal areas of expertise are in the propagation of distributed electricity generation/storage, consumer driven trends within the energy market, and electricity network design. James is a member of the Executive Committee on the Conservation Council of Western Australia.

Trevor Griffiths Analyst
Trevor Griffithsclose Analyst

Trevor's honours thesis investigated piezoelectric energy harvesters. A large component of this research explored the feasibility of modelling an arterial harvester capable of converting energy from blood flow to charge a pacemaker indefinitely. He was a University Associate at Curtin University's Sustainability Policy institute and during his work he merged various data types to determine potential peer-to-peer energy trading opportunities across Perth. This analysis is now being performed across Australia as part of a Federal report that he is co-authoring. Trevor's interest in the blockchain began in 2010 when he was introduced to Bitcoin mining. Trevor holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Aimie Rigas Community and Marketing Manager
Aimie Rigasclose Community and Marketing Manager

Aimie is responsible for managing all aspects of Power Ledger’s marketing strategy including press coverage, social media and engagement with the POWR token community. She joins Power Ledger from HuffPost Australia, where she worked on the launch team and spent nearly three years analysing data and strategy across all platforms, firstly as Engagement Editor and then as Head of Audience Development. Previous to this, she spent eight years at Bauer Media Australia, in a variety of digital and editorial roles. Aimie holds a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology in Sydney and studied Digital Product Management at General Assembly.

Carmen Grant Program Manager
Carmen Grantclose Program Manager

Carmen, as the program manager, coordinates the efforts by the tech team to develop the software for various projects within Power Ledger. She aligns the outcome of all projects with the clients needs and overarching mission to democratise power. Carmen also advises on the UX/UI development and brand strategy for the business. With 5 years of experience in change management, management consultant and business analyst roles for firms such as Deloitte Australia, Woodside Energy and Future Effect, Carmen has a strong understanding of how businesses are managed efficiently and effectively. Her experience has had specific focus on risk management, forensic advisory, IT auditing and innovation within energy and utilities markets. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Corporate Finance from the University of Western Australia.

Kristian Myhre Energy Systems Specialist
Kristian Myhreclose Energy Systems Specialist

Kristian brings his 15 years of experience in the energy industry, especially his experience in the analytical, regulatory, and commercial spheres of the industry to his work at Power Ledger, where he applies his expertise to the regulatory, market analytics and pricing requirements of the business. He has extensive experience with regulatory frameworks and compliance, having advised large utility corporations and economic regulators, as well as having worked as a Director on the Retail Energy Market Company board (REMCO) which administers the contestable gas markets of Western Australia. Kristian was also a sitting member of the Market Advisory Committee (the MAC) in the Wholesale Energy Market of Western Australia. Kristian has a strong understanding of compliance requirements within the regulatory frameworks and has coordinated works on regulatory compliance with licence conditions of the different regulated parts of integrated electricity and gas businesses.

Lindsay Dick General Counsel
Lindsay Dickclose General Counsel

Lindsay joins Power Ledger from Allens Linklaters, where he was an Associate in the firm’s Banking and Finance practice. Lindsay specialises in unconventional fundraising, high-growth companies, and project finance. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the University of Western Australia.

Mili Wijeratne UX Developer
Mili Wijeratneclose UX Developer

Mili is responsible for UX and front-end development at Power Ledger. He was previously working as a UX Developer at BHP Billiton in Perth, where he successfully delivered various UX future states and front-end development projects. Mili also has 16 years experience in professional photography, video production and audio production. He’s held design, experience and digital roles at Vocus Communications, Leap Training and St Catherine’s School. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems from Curtin University of Technology in Perth.

Marie Stergiou Executive Assistant
Marie Stergiouclose Executive Assistant

Marie works as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director and Chair and provides office
administrative support to the company ensuring the daily running of the business is efficient and
Effective. Marie has over 25 years experience working within the oil and gas industry as Executive Assistant to Managing Directors and assisting the Board of Directors. Marie moved to Sydney about six years ago and set up an additional office for a small Perth based oil and gas company in North Sydney. During Marie’s career she has worked in all aspects of the organisation including accounts, website updates, Company Secretarial support, drilling operational support and office administration.

Sarah Graham Analyst
Sarah Grahamclose Analyst

Sarah joins Power Ledger as an analyst, having previously worked as a research assistant at the Office of Senator Scott Ludlam. In this role, she undertook research and data analysis for policy initiatives that covered a range of issues including energy, housing, climate, innovation and advanced manufacturing. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Studies) from Murdoch University.

Duncan McGregor Analyst
Duncan McGregorclose Analyst

Duncan studied Economics at the University of Western Australia. At Power Ledger, he sits within our Operations Team, working in business and product development. Duncan has helped Power Ledger model the Sparkz ecosystem to allow Application Hosts to better estimate the POWR required to use the Platform. Duncan will assist in the continued development and support of our applications and ensure clients are suitably looked after.

Tim Sly Financial Controller
Tim Slyclose Financial Controller

Tim joins Power Ledger after a long career in accounting and finance within a range of businesses. Most recently, he was Financial Controller at James Fisher Defence and took control of financial management for the company’s Australian operations. He has also held senior positions at Australian Gypsum Industries, Howard Park and Madfish Wines, Fein Industrial Power Tools, Earlplace Limited & Trills Services and Shell Direct. Tim holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University.

Anya Nova Commercial
Anya Novaclose Commercial

Anya Nova is a commercial professional raised in Russia and the United States & currently living in Australia. For over a decade she has had the privilege of working internationally in a variety of commercial roles with companies such as Shell, Rio Tinto and Merrill Lynch. She led teams to improve commercial outcomes in business to business negotiations and delivered a one billion dollar contract. She has a commercial responsibility at Power Ledger where she is spending most of her time optimizing revenue models in the context of a tokenized economy.